AOL mail not receiving emails and How to fix it?

AOL mail not receiving emails

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Sometimes you realize that you can read the previous emails but notice that new AOL Mail not receiving emails.

AOL stands for American online. AOL is an American based online service providing company which provide several  products for the users who work online.

One of  the AOL product is AOL mails which is a free email  service providing product. This is one of the famous platform to form email ids and get emails. You have to form an email account with a password and username in the AOL page for the access.

It could be due to several reasons and here we will discuss about the issues that may be responsible for the AOL Mail not receiving emails.

AOL mail not receiving emails

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Why AOL mail not receiving emails?

  • Check out the AOL filters – Every email service providing interface has a filter in it which is responsible for filtering out those emails which he found illegal or suspicious. It transfers the email to the trash Bin or to the junk folder. So you should check your junk box weather your email is being shifted to it or not.

aol filter settings

  • Server problem – You can face the problem due to flow server or the internet connection. It may be possible that the senders server is weak or down that’s why he is not able to send you the particular mail or it may be possible that your server is down that is why you are  not  able to accept the mail. So you should check your internet connection and it should be fast and strong enough.
  • Wrong email address – One of the reason that you are not receiving the mails could be that sender doesn’t know your correct Email address or may sending the email to the wrong address. So you should contact your sender and provide your correct information so that this AOL Mail not receiving emails problem doesn’t occur.
  • Turn of antivirus and firewall – If your antivirus and firewall are active on your system then it may be possible that you won’t receive the emails because these antivirus stops the entry off mails which the find  suspicious mostly they don’t allow any file to enter your system without your permission. So make sure you turn off the settings for the easy transfer of mails.
  • Mail forwarding setting – Few peoples manage several  account with the same email address use this mail forwarding setting so that different from mails could reach to their specific accounts . Because of this some mails could reach to another account so make sure you turn off the mail forwarding  so that your mail could reach to your specific address.
  • Browser incapability – It may be possible that the browser you are using is outdated and is not able to support the AOL. So it is important to update your browser to the new version so that it is capable of accessing the mails and can hold AOL and you do not face AOL Mail not receiving emails issue.

browser update

  • Spam folder – There is a spam folder in the your account which stores all the spam mails in it . So dye to some reason the mail that you have been send goes to the spam folder. So check your spam  folder regularly to make sure no important mail transfer there.
  • AOL storage – AOL has specific storage limit so it won’t allow any new emails if its storage get full. It is important to delete the previous emails or the unwanted mails so that space could be created for the upcoming mail.

delete aol emails

  • Delay mails – Sometimes there is heavy traffic in the internet , or could be  server problem due to which the mails take some time to reach the destination. So its doesn’t mean you are not getting mail wait for some time and still you are facing the AOL Mail not receiving emails problem then contact the sender.

 This could be the reason that your AOL Mail not receiving emails. These problems are common and can occur many times as internet is a very busy place. So if you can’t receive your meals first check all these problems and then still if the problem continues then contact the sender if there is no problem from their side then there could be other technical errors or the errors from the  AOL company side.

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