Why you can’t login into Yahoo Mail? [Full solution]

Can’t login into Yahoo Mail

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Sometimes, you can face some problems like you can’t login into Yahoo Mail due to some reasons. Here we will discuss about some of these problems.

Yahoo is an American web service providing company. With the growing years, yahoo has expand its reach over the internet by it’s products.  My Yahoo, Yahoo search, Yahoo mail,  Yahoo news, Yahoo sports, Yahoo finance and many more. Yahoo is one of the leading company in the markets because of it’s good quality internet service.

One of the  most famous product of Yahoo is Yahoo Mail. Yahoo mail is an email service providing product which help the users to get access to their mails. It usually provide four emails plan one is for business purpose and three for personnel use.

For using Yahoo Mail, first you need to form an account on it with a user name and a password . Make sure your password is strong so that your account is secure and safe from unknown access. It’s URL is mail@yahoo.com.

can't login into Yahoo Mail


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Reasons for why you can’t login into Yahoo Mail?

can't login into Yahoo Mail

  • Wrong user name –It may be possible that you wrote the wrong user name like it could have some spelling error, numeric error, caps lock error etc. So make sure that you write the correct user name in  the same way you wrote during Account formation.
  • Incorrect Password – It is the most common problem which occur during login. Make sure caps lock is off while you enter your details. And if you have allowed your browser to remember your password it will automatically fill your password. It is a very good and convenient way for those who can’t remember their password. 

Incorrect Password of Yahoo mail

  • Forgotten Password- If you have forgotten your password then you can’t login in your account. But you can get your password back. Click on forget password just below your password box. Yahoo will send you a new password in  your backup email or on your phone number . With that password, you can form a new password for your account and resolve your can’t login into Yahoo Mail issue.

Forgotten Password of Yahoo mail

  • Bad Internet Connection- May be your internet connection is bad or slow which is not sufficient to support the access. It will give you a message that the browser couldn’t reach the file. So first make sure you are connected to a secure and strong internet connection.
  • Corrupted system- Corrupted system could be a reason because a virus is present in your system which will slow down your system or would not open your application. So scan the system with a suitable antivirus and secure your system.
  • Account freeze –  Due to several attempt to  login in your account. Yahoo safety team will block or freeze your account for few hours most probably for 15 hours due to identification issue. After 15 hours you can again try to login in your account.
  • Outdated Browser- It may be possible that your Browser is to outdated to support yahoo mail. So update the latest version of the browser.

browser update

If you want emergency login to your account go to login help desk. It will help you if you can’t login into Yahoo Mail account. Always make sure you provide a recovery mail address or an active phone number so that the yahoo team could contact you through it.

If you still can’t login into Yahoo Mail then it may be possible that the issue is from other side or may be their server is low. Just wait for few hour than try again and still if you face  the same issue contact the technical team or the yahoo helpline number.

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