How to fix the Gmail Error 6922 code?

If you have ever owned a smartphone or a laptop in your life, it can be said with 100% surety that you had to create an email ID. Gmail is undoubtedly one of the most used email service provider on the continent. With an estimated 1.5 billion users, errors are a decent possibility. It could be due to the service provider or service receiver. If your system is also displaying the Gmail error 6922, then you have come to the right place to get help.

In this article, we are going to be explaining the reasons, implications and possible solutions for this particular error.

Why does Gmail Error 6922 occur?

It has been seen that the 6922Gmail error occurs when users are trying to access a link or document on their mail. If your system is restricting the download of a file and displaying this error, it could be that the file contains suspicious contents.

Apart from the files being suspicious, there are a few other reasons, behind the occurrence of the Gmail error 6922:

  • You have a bad network connection; it could be due to your bad Wi-Fi or the fault of your Internet Service Provider.
  • Your PC has a third party app like an anti-virus, which is preventing you from opening the file and blocking access.
  • Your web browser or your email application is outdated and is in need of an upgrade.
  • It could also be due to any extensions that you have downloaded on your browser.
  • You have not deleted and removed all or any of your caches or cookies.

How to resolve Gmail Error 6922?

fix gmail error 6922

We have curated a list of methods that will definitely help you in getting rid of the Gmail error 6922:

Browser update

Begin by updating your browser or application, depending on whether you are using a laptop or a mobile phone.

  • On the left hand side of your browser, click and expand the menu.
  • If there are any pending updates, you will see a notification.
  • Click on it and update your browser.

update browser


If you did not find any update or if your problem still persists, after it the next most common step is to, restart both your computer system and the router of your Wi-Fi. Check your mail again after turning them both. If you still see the Gmail error 6922, proceed to the other solutions, listed below.

Disable third party apps

Disabling third party apps for a while includes anti-virus applications or any extensions.

  • The anti-virus can be disabled by visiting the taskbar on the lower left side of your screen.
  • After a right click on it, you will see a temporary disabling option.
  • The same goes for any extension, you might have installed in your browser. Right click on the particular extension and pause it for a while, and check for the error.

disable third party apps

Cache and cookies

It is also recommended to delete all those cookies and cache history on your device which is unnecessary.

clear cache

  • Go to the more tools option, on your chrome browser and find the option which will help you in clearing your browsing history.
  • On the left panel, you will find the options to delete the cookies and cache on your system.
  • Click on them one by one and delete them all from the “beginning of time”.
  • After restarting your system, you will notice that the 6922 Gmail error is gone.

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