(Solved) How to clear mail on mac?

How to clear mail on mac?

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The macOS mail app sometimes work as a space eater and due to this the mail app may silently grow without any prior notification which could really create problem for while sending and receiving of emails. So for this you need to free up space. Read below to learn how to clear mail on Mac.

Apple mail

Firstly here is a process by which you can check that the mail is taking how much space. It becomes very important to know and to investigate how serious is the storage problem. For that you need to know that the storage mail consists of two parts that is the :

  • mail app itself and
  • the user created data

Check mail storage:

  1. Go to the Apple menu and then tab on about this Mac.
  2. Next click on storage and then open manage.
  3. In the sidebar you will find a mail option tap on it.

Now you will know that how much mail is using the storage. For example if your mail is taking up to 724 MB that is not the accurate one as it does not include downloaded messages and attachments.

Steps for how to clear mail on Mac

So if you want to clear mail on Mac you need to start with deleting the mail attachments and the junk mail which are just occupying the space.

Deleting Mail attachments

Mail attachments can either be on the server or be downloaded to your Mac device as it depends upon the type of file and the options that you have specified in your account preferences. For example images ,videos, audio files and PDF are generally downloaded, and they are not displayed in the email body.


You can also select whether you want other types of files to be downloaded or not by doing the following process:

  1. Open mail
  2. Tap on the Mel menu and select preferences
  3. Then choose the account button and select account information tab.
  4. Now select an option that is given next to download attachments.

Deleting Mail attachments

On the other hand whether you download the attachments or leave them on the mail server they somehow occupy some other space and if you are receiving lots of attachment then it means that they are occupying a lot of space. Other than the documents, PDF, photos they could also be company logos, signature, portfolios sent as an attachment.

So the best solution is to delete them if they are no longer needed so here is the process of deleting them:

  1. Open your mail
  2. Search the message which contains the attachment you want to delete.
  3. If you are finding it difficult to search the message that has attachment then click the view menu tab on sort and click on attachments.
  4. Once you find the message open it.
  5. Then tap on the message menu that is given in the menu bar and select remove attachment.
  6. Repeat this process in every mail from where you want to delete the attachment.

remove attachment

You can also remove multiple attachments from multiple messages at the same time by just tapping on message to select them and then choosing message and then clicking on remove attachment. If you also want to clear mail on Mac or the messages along with the attachment or without attachment then select the message and then tap on delete them.

By Following the above process you can easily learn clear mail on Mac by either deleting the attachments or the mails or by deleting both attachments with mail.

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