How to delete mail app on mac?

What are the steps for Mac mail setup?

Are you obsessed with saving pictures, videos and movies on your mac, but constantly worried that you might run out of space on your device? You can simply delete a few unnecessary pre-installed apps that take up just too much space. Here’s how you can learn how to delete mail app on mac, all by yourself.

How to delete mail app on mac?

About mail app

Apple also has its own email application which goes by the name of ‘mail’. It basically functions on the same premises as a lot of email platforms do, except that it is just available on iOS devices or mac or watchOS.

It was initially released in the year 2000 but its final release was in 2011 almost a decade ago. It is currently a paid subscription service that Apple users can enjoy.

Reasons to delete mail app on mac

If you are wondering why several Apple users want to know how to delete mail app on mac then here are a few reasons that encourage this decision:

  • One major reason why you should think of getting rid of this mail is because it takes up an obscene amount of space in your system, which can be put to so many better uses.
  • It is configured in a way that the app downloads all of your emails that come its way.
  • Deleting default apps that come with the OS can be a little difficult to remove completely, however the steps below can help you accomplish that.

 Steps for How to delete mail app on mac

Here are the comprehensive steps which will elaborate how to delete mail app on mac:

Disable SIP

What makes it impossible to delete the system default application from your apple devices is the presence of the SIP. It is a common abbreviation for System Integrity Protection which is deployed in OS above 10.12

So in order to remove a default app, you will first have to disable the SIP, at least for a while.

  • Open your device in recovery mode and go to the utilities option.
  • There you will find an option named terminal, where you will have to enter the code for disabling.
  • Type the disabling code and hit enter.
  • Your SIP will be disabled.

Disable SIP

Delete app

  • Next, restart your system once again and login from the admin account.
  • Open the terminal mentioned above, once more.
  • Enter the application code and you will be redirected to a list of all the applications on your system.
  • In order to remove the mail, you will just have to delete one final code that goes – sudo rm –rf
  • After pressing enter, you will be rid of the app.


It is not always recommended to delete the default apps that come pre-installed with your device, therefore if you are facing space issues then you can give these alternative methods a chance as well:

  • Use a cleaner application in order to delete all unnecessary mail attachments.

cleaner application

  • You can disable the automatic mail download feature so that not everything is saved offline, thus saving you several gigabytes of storage.
  • Lastly, you can stop using mail altogether instead of learning how to delete mail app on mac. Try another email platform which provides services closer to what you require and doesn’t even take up a lot of space.

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