How to resolve Http error 504 AOL mail error?


If you want email services, from companies other than Google, then AOL is the place to. It is an email division of a parent company called Verizon Communications. They have been providing their services to customers since 2004. If you are a user of their services, we are here to tell you all about fixing the Http error 504 AOL mail.

The company does not have a reach as huge as Gmail, but they still pull in an average user base of 175 million per month. If you are an active internet user, you must know that error occurrences are common in the world of the web.

Why does Http error 504 AOL mail error occur?

You can face this error due to a variety of reasons, all of which will be discussed here in detail.

Before you attempt to fix the problem it is important to know the exact reason behind it, you can do so by reading the list given down below:

  • The Http error 504 AOL mail is basically like a gateway timeout. It occurs when the two servers responsible for opening a page, fail to get a timely response from one another.
  • When your browser does not respond to a server request. You can face an error.
  • When you have left your email account inactive or more than 90 days, it can cause it to be deactivated.
  • All such accounts do not receive any mails and they are returned back to sender, which can also cause the error.
  • It could also be due to internet connectivity issues or a snag with the server.

How to fix Http error 504 AOL mail error?

Http error 504 AOL mail

It is recommended to the users to check if they are facing this error while operating their AOL emails in all apps or if it is just in one device.

In order to assist you in fixing your Http error 504 AOL mail, we have listed a compilation of a few different:

Reboot the system

One of the most beloved layman methods of fixing an error is to

  • Close all the currently running programs on your system.
  • Switch off the laptop or computer.
  • After a while, restart your system and check if the error has been fixed or not.

reboot the system

Refresh the device

  • Try to close your web page once and then open it again.
  • You can also refresh the page by directly pressing on F5 or by the side option on the browser.
  • There might even be a problem in the proxy settings of your device.
  • Try to open it in a different browser all together, if it opens in other browsers, the problem is in that particular browser.
  • To fix it you can uninstall and reinstall it again, and check if the Http error 504 AOL mail still persists or not.

Other methods

  • Users should try to change up the IP address of their internet, with a help of a VPN or something. This will help you in determining if the problem is in your specific location or everywhere.
  • Sometimes, it can also be that the website or program has crashed due to an issue at the servers of the manufacture.
  • It can also be caused due to an incorrect Domain Name System, which will require you to conduct a DNS configuration.

These methods should help you in solving the Http error 504 AOL mail, but if it does not, you should contact the technical helpline of the email service company.

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