How to setup Hotmail to Mac mail?

Are you looking for the ways through which you can add hot mail in mac mail? There are three ways or methods through which you can link or transfer emails from Hotmail to Mac mail.

Hotmail to Mac mail

Method 1: Downloading and transferring

The first and the easiest way is to download all the emails from Hotmail on Mac system and then you can transfer them to Mac mail.

download hotmail emails

Method 2 :Transferring of Hotmail mailbox to the mailbox of Apple

For this method you first need to have a backup of Mac Hotmail on your Mac system. Then you need to copy the emails of Hotmail to the Mac mail in the supported format. Once you receive all the data including emails contact calendar you can import them anywhere you want.

backup hotmail emails

Here the steps which will help you in transferring Hotmail account to the Mac

  1. Open your Hotmail account after running Mac Hotmail backup tool
  2. Choose the format so that you can transfer Hotmail emails to Mac
  3. Choose the location so that you can save Hotmail box on Mac.
  4. Tap on start backup button.

Now you can easily add Hotmail to Mac mail by just importing these emails to back mail. The import process is in EML and EMLX format file very easy. You just need to drag and then drop the emails from Mac desktop into the Mac mail.

And in MBOX format you can import the file or the email  by just using the import wizard.

Method 3 : Adding Hotmail to Mac mail

In the third method you need to setup the Hotmail in Apple mail and for this you need to perform a process and given below are the steps to do so.

  1. Firstly you need to open Mac mail.
  2. Then from the menu of Mel tab on add account.
  3. Select other mail account from the given Mel account selection screen and then tap on continue.
  4. Fill the information by entering your name password as well as the Hotmail account.
  5. Then tap on sign in.
  6. Now cross check all the items you need to use in Mac mail and then tap on done.

By choosing any of the methods mentioned above you can easily add your Hotmail to Mac mail account and can access all the emails but you must check that all your items are imported properly and are added to your mac mail.

Important point to keep in mind is by choosing this option your contacts and calendar will not be moved to your Mac mail and you will not be able to use or access them on your Mac.

If you still face any problem in adding your Hotmail to Mac mail you can go to the help center of Mac made where they will provide you the easy ways and will help you in trouble shooting your problem so that you can easily add your Hotmail to your Mac mail.

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