[Fixed] Mail stuck in outbox on Mac? How to fix it?


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In Apple mail there is an outbox which consists of all the failed emails that are sent from your email. That is when you send an email from your account and it has not been reached to the receiver they all are transferred to this outbox. Due to all these mail that are failed, a common problem or the error are faced by the users that is the Mail stuck in outbox on Mac.

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Reason behind Mail stuck in outbox on Mac

The basic reason behind Mail stuck in outbox on Mac is there are piles of failed emails that are stored into it and the memory of the storage capacity of outbox gets filled up causing this error. So if you are facing the same problem here are the solutions that you can go for which will help you out in resolving this issue.

How to resolve Mail stuck in outbox on Mac issue?

Solution 1 :Checking the internet connection

The first and the foremost step to resolve Mail stuck in outbox on Mac issue is to check whether your internet or the network connection is stable. That it is working properly on your Mac or the device because due to the poor internet connection the mails are not properly sent causing failure of mails.

And this leads to all these failed emails that gets transfer to the outbox so make sure that while sending emails there is good internet connection, so they can be sent properly to the receiver.

For checking your internet connection here is a simple process:

Step 1 : Tap on Apple menu and open it then choose the system and preferences option from the menu given there.

system and preferences on mac

Step 2 : Then Tab on network icon and go to the left side panel.

Step 3 : Then check weather a green light is on under Wi-Fi or Ethernet or not.

Step 4 :If the connection indicates red light then properly check the connectivity of Wi-Fi or the modem but if it is green then you are having good internet connection.

Step 5 : Then in the network window choose the connection medium and then click on DNS tab.

Step 6 : Configure the appropriate IPv4 or IPv6 address and ports.

By doing this process if your internet connection creating any problem it will also be solved and once the Mac device receives internet then it will resend all the failed mails solving Mail stuck in outbox on Mac problem.

Solution 2 :Clearing mailbox.

Step 1 : On your Mac open the mail app and then tap on the mail menu which is given at the top of the screen.

Step 2 : Choose the preferences options which is given at the drop down menu.

Step 3 : Now choose accounts and go to the left side panel.

Step 4 : Select your account and then tap on account information tab.

Step 5 : Under the outgoing mail server section check whether you have take marked the use only this server check box or not.

Step 6 : Tap on the outgoing mail server and then pull down the menu and choose the edit smtp-server list option.

Clearing mailbox on mac

Step 7 : Verify your email address in the Server Name field.

Step 8 : Then tap on the advanced tab and cross-check the server ports and settings.

Step 9 : if it is need it makes sure to change the port numbers to its default.

Step 10 : Tap on OK in order to save

And apply the settings and close the Mail Preferences window.

Step 11 : Now, send a test mail from the Mail app.

Step 12 :IF the problem of mail stuck in mac still continues then delete the mail preferences file from the library folder on mac.

Clearing your mailbox is surely gonna fix your Mail stuck in outbox on Mac issue and you can again use your mails without any problem.

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