How to recover when Yahoo emails disappeared from inbox?

Yahoo is one of the most accessed platform which is used world-wide for sending and receiving emails. But sometimes using Yahoo we can face various problems and one of them is Yahoo emails disappeared from inbox. It becomes quite frustrating when you are in search of an important email and it suddenly gets disappeared.

Why does the issue of Yahoo emails disappeared from inbox occur?

  • Emails are transferred to unexpected folder

Sometimes email filters and other spam emails sent the upcoming emails to the unexpected folder rather than your inbox.

  • Deleting your emails

Sometimes when you use Yahoo your emails may get deleted by mistake causing loss of your important mail.

These both are mainly the reason which causes disappearing off your email from Yahoo but there are some solutions you can go to recover them.

How to resolve the issue when Yahoo emails disappeared from inbox?

  • Searching for them

It locates email which are misplaced by searching through basic or advanced search options.

recover Yahoo Emails disappeared from inbox

  • Spam and trash

Sometimes they are transferred to spam and trash to make sure that you check here too.

check trash

  • Reviewing filters

You must definitely go through the filters as well as the setting option to see that as well as check that your filters are not sending your emails to different folders.

reviewing filters

  • Requesting Yahoo to recover your email

If your email has been deleted you have lost them in the last 7 days then there is an option where you can request Yahoo to recover your email, and they will try best to bring back your messages or email through their updated tools.

requesting yahoo

Some points to keep in mind before requesting Yahoo are:

  1. The request you have made to restore your email cannot be cancelled.
  2. Sometimes restoration is always not successful.
  3. And the most important thing is that the message or email can only be restored if it is deleted in the past 7 days.
  4. No matter when you have received them, once the Restoration process of email is successfully done then these messages or emails are recovered and added back to the same folder from where they have been removed or deleted.
  5. Once your restoration process is completed, check OK in your trash if you don’t find them on its original place folder or location because sometimes they are restored into the trash or the spam inbox.
  6. Also, make sure that once your message your email is back into your folder copy it to the another save folder of file where you can store them for a longer duration of time because it may also get deleted again.

So above mentioned was some root cause is due to which you may lose your emails. But Yahoo always try to keep your emails safe and secure so that you can utilize them according to your needs. But if you have lost them due to any reason then no worries above-mentioned solutions will definitely help you out in getting back your emails and working upon them again.

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