How to recover a deleted Google account

Google’s accounts are on a large scale as it facilitates various Google services. For operating your mobile phone you must definitely have a Google or Gmail account. But what if your account gets removed and it contains lots of important data like phone number, photos, important emails? So there is a policy by Google to help all those users whose account have been removed through which they can recover a deleted Google account.

recover a deleted account

How to recover a deleted Google account?

  1. Open Google and then go to the account recovery page of Google.
  2. Once the page gets open you will be asked for your recovery email and that into the given box.
  3. Then you will be asked some questions try to answer them all and if you get stuck at some question you don’t know make a close guess regarding the question so that Google can mark that you have answered all the questions rather than skipping.

And once you have answered the recovery page, process will begin soon if your account gets verified with Google. If your account gets recover soon also make sure that you make a strong password in order to secure your account.

account recovery


Some tips which will help you to increase the chances to recover a deleted Google account

  1. Try to get back your account from the same device as well as the location you used to access your Google account.
  2. Operating from the selfsame computer phone by which you used to sign in.
  3. Operating the same Chrome or Safari by which you used to conduct you are searching process.
  4. Being in the location where you used to work like home or the office.
  5. Also take care that all the passwords and the security questions that Google ask because this is the only way through which the Google verifies you and your account.
  6. Also type an email that is connected with your account. Because there is always an email address or phone number that has been added to your account so that Google can send you notifications regarding the security questions of passwords while recovery of your account.
  7. When Google asks for your passwords check that you enter the password which is the current one and if you don’t know the password use which has been recent so that this can be for the continued.
  8. Also provide the right clarification for the question when Google asks that why can’t you access your account.

See to it that while recovering of your account you fill up all the information that has been asked or required so that your issue can be justified on the recovery process of Google and it can be continued and you can be verified resulting in receiving back your Google account .

And if you still face any problem you can contact customer care where you will be provided with easiest solutions to your problem and  by which you can access different Google services like email Play Store and every other facility.

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