[Fixed] How to resolve Yahoo mail not loading issue?

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Here we will discuss about why the Yahoo mail not loading problem occurs.

Yahoo is a web service providing company which provide a lot of facilities to its customers through its various products. One of the product of Yahoo is Yahoo Mail which is a mail service provider which helps the user’s  to send and receive emails. Yahoo Mail is one of the popular product of Yahoo and is used by a lot of people. But as nothing is perfect in this world Yahoo mail  also faces some problems.

There could be various problems that can occur in your Yahoo Mail that doesn’t mean it is not a good option or it is not appropriate , the problem could occur on any email platforms and  the problem may occur  due to other reasons it could be from your side or  server problem.

Yahoo mail not loading

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Why is Yahoo mail not loading?

  • Browser problem: When you use an older version of the browsers it doesn’t support Yahoo Mail. Outdated browsers could not open a load the Yahoo Mail. So It is  better to use those browsers who are suitable for Yahoo such as Internet Explorer and Google Chrome but make sure that you use updated version of these browsers which can easily Open the Yahoo Mail in order to resolve the Here we will discuss about why the Yahoo mail not loading problem.
  • Weak internet connection: If your internet connection is weak or slow it will not be able to load yahoo. Yahoo will not work or will be really slow if their will be high internet traffic . So make sure that you have a strong and fast internet connection so that it could easily load the Yahoo mail as well as I can cope up with the internet traffic and can provide you a better service.

Weak internet connection

  • Java script: JavaScript allows the Yahoo Mail to function properly and if you disabled the JavaScript make sure you to activate it so the Here we will discuss about why the Yahoo mail not loading problem doesn’t occur.
  • Chrome extension : Their could be various browsers extensions or  Chrome extensions in Google Chrome which could create a lot of burden on the browser. This word eventually lead to the slow loading of the Yahoo Mail . So make sure you delete all these unwanted extensions to make the Chrome lighter so that it could load the applications.

delete Chrome extension

  • Ads blockers : If your system has installed some of AD blockers application so make sure that you disable these blockers because these blockers can stop website from loading. You can do this by going to the browser setting so that Yahoo mail not loading problem doesn’t occur.

yahoo Ads blockers

  • Background application : There are applications that Run in the background without us   being aware of this . This affect the  computer and its working become slow so make sure that you stop these background applications so that the system could work on one thing at a time with more efforts.
  • Yahoo server down:  One reason for the slow loading of Yahoo Mail can be the server problem. It may be possible that the Yahoo server is down because of heavy trafficking due to which you are not able to open the website cause they are not able to accept your request due to their server problem. So wait for sometime tell the server is up again and try to open your mail after that.

Yahoo server down

So these are some of the reasons for your Yahoo Mail not loading problem. These are some of the assumptions but there can be other reasons  which is causing this issue . But the above mentioned problems  are some of the main terms that could lead to the problem. So make sure you check them first and even if the problem persist contact the yahoo team for the solution.

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