Set up iCloud mail on your devices

iCloud is generally accessed on Apple products like iPad iPod iPhone and to set up iCloud mail, here is a given process which you can follow:

  1. Firstly go on settings and then tap on it to open
  2. Now click on your name that is given on the top
  3. Click on iCloud
  4. Now tap on create when you see a popup
  5. Now select the whatever iCloud email address you want
  6. Click on next
  7. Check that all the information you provided is correct as well as the username or the email address you selected is good and you are happy with it because it cannot be changed once it is done.
  8. Click on “Done”

Set up iCloud mail

How to Set up iCloud mail on your Mac?

If you want to set up iCloud mail on your mac here is a given process :

  1. Firstly select the Apple menu that is given on the left corner
  2. Tap on system preferences
  3. Then tap on the tick box for mail
  4. Now select your iCloud email address
  5. Click on OK.
  6. Then tap on create when you are happy and satisfied with the email you have chosen so that the account creating process can be completed.

system preferences

You should always pay attention to the given below points to make sure that your account is created properly and if there is any problem it can be fixed.

  1. Firstly there should be a proper internet connection in your mobile phone whether you are using Wi-Fi or mobile data it should be good because if there will be any problem the process will go through minor issues resulting in non creation of your iCloud account.
  2. Take care that the email address that you have selected is new one that is it shouldn’t be used before because if it will be used then the iCloud account with not accept it and you will not be able to access it. To avoid this problem while selecting your email you will find a notification box where it will be written that whether this account is already in use or not so by paying attention on it you can easily identify whether the account is new or old one and can setup according to it.
  3. If you go through the issue of problem turning on mail while you are creating your iCloud account on iPhone iPad or iPod then you should sign out of iCloud and then Re login into it. Also see to it that you know your Apple ID and password before you go out or sign out of it.

So by going through to all the steps mentioned above you can easily set up your iCloud account and if you face any of the problems while doing so you can contact Apple support where they will assist you with the solutions that could really help you out in finding the problem and troubleshooting it so you can easily create your iCloud account and can use the other remaining functions and facilities provided by them.

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