Setting up AOL account on Mac [Complete guide]

What are the steps for Mac mail setup?

Using AOL email in Mac is not that difficult because in almost cases there is no requirement for setting up AOL account on Mac separately as it is already configured in Apple mail. In most of the operating systems support works as an email client which allows their users to send and receive emails.

Setting up AOL account on Mac

There are number of mail applications which offers opportunities for setting up AOL, Yahoo, Gmail or any other email accounts on Mac. But sometimes people think that the only way to use AOL account or email is the network connection as well as other web browsing applications or tools. By setting up AOL account on Mac could be convenient especially when you travel a lot and have various email account on different platforms.

The people search for one application so that they can open their email app on the computer directly and there all the emails are completely organized and can easily access and handle to use or work on the single mail. So the recent versions of various mail applications are already configured which allow users for setting up AOL account on Mac or any other account.

Setting up AOL account on Mac

Setting up AOL account on Mac

So for setting up AOL account on Mac here is the easy and simple process which you can follow:

  1. Firstly open your mail in your application folder.
  2. Then go to the file option open it and tap on add account.
  3. Then a general information will to will appear on your screen select IMAP from the given account type menu.
  4. Then in the account description fill whatever you want for example AOL mail.
  5. Now in the field of email address fill your AOL or AIM email address.
  6. Then tap on continue.
  7. Then you will find a box of incoming mail server fill in “” or “”.
  8. Then in the field of username fill your AOL or AIM screen name.
  9. Now in your password section fail or type your AOL or AIM password
  10. Then tap on continue
  11. Now in the box of outgoing mail server fill or type “” or “”.
  12. Make sure to properly check the use of authentication box.
  13. In the place of username fill in your AOL or AIM screen name.
  14. In the password box insert your AOL or AIM password
  15. Then tap on continue.

Setting up AOL account on Mac


Once your whole process will be completed you will be notified that your AOL email account have been setup successfully on Mac and you are done. Make sure while filling up all the information fill all the correct data so that the process of setting up could be performed easily without any problem and it can verify your account.

Also, see to it that there is proper network connection because if there will be any disturbance in it the process of verifying can buffer causing incomplete setup of an account on your Mac.

By following all the above mentioned steps and taking care of the points, it can easily help you for setting up AOL account on Mac but if you still face any problem then do contact the customer care of AOL or Mac where the experts will provide you with easy solutions.

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