How to setup Yahoo mail on Mac?

Yahoo! Mail is quite popular and 32 excess various email services. But if you are looking ways to setup Yahoo mail on Mac then here is the process which will guide you and help you in setting up the Mac mail programs by which you can easily use your email and don’t have to access web interface every time in order to use your Yahoo mail.

Yahoo mail on Mac

How to add Yahoo mail on Mac?

  1. Open the Apple menu and then choose system preferences
  2. Then tap on internet accounts
  3. Choose Yahoo
  4. Now type your email address and then tap on next
  5. Then you will see that Mac OS will ask you that for what work you want to use your yahoo account. You can either fill or leave checked and then tap on done.
  6. Then you will see that it your yahoo account will now be shown on the internet accounts list. Now you can access your mail either from the applications or from the dark and can continue your work on Yahoo.

yahool mail account

By following the above-mentioned steps you can easily set up your Yahoo mail on Mac and can access it quickly.

Reasons for various problems faced

But sometimes while setting up our account we can face various problems due to which we cannot use it some reasons behind this problem are :

  1. The first and foremost reason is that the internet connection is not working properly that is why there is an issue with connectivity due to which the proper connection is not established and the internet is not able to access the other websites properly.
  2. There will be the chances that the Mac OS you are using is not up to date that is it is not updated as per the needs and requirements that are required.
  3. There can also be chances that the third party that is installed in your map is creating some problems. So make sure that any other software that is installed on your device is not stopping Yahoo mail or the mac to join together.
  4. And the last reason could be that your account it has been removed or blocked due to the security reasons. This could be due to any unnecessary activity that has been noticed by the Yahoo, so they have blocked it to avoid any problem in the future.

So now you can cross-check all the reasons due to which you may face problem while setting up Yahoo mail on Mac and can solve them.

But if you still find difficulty in setting up Hotmail in Mac then you can approach the help desk of either Yahoo mail or Mac where they will try to solve your problem by providing the easiest solutions by which you can set up your Yahoo mail on Mac.

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