What are the steps for Mac mail setup?

Apple Mac mail is one of the free email clients that are developed for Mac users which offers them easy setup. This can be customized according to the users friendly need. By Mac mail setup the user can experience various advantages and if you are looking for the ways to set up your Mac mail here is the process.

Configuration of Mac mail

  • First of all open the Mac mail application in your device.
  • Then go to the mail menu and select add account. The users who are using for the first time will be automatically suggested creating it a new account in order to access.

Add an account on mac

  • Now choose to add other mail account and tap on continue to move further.
  • A window will appear on your screen asking for your personal information fill all the fields with appropriate details that is fill your complete name, your email address that you want to use and the password.
  1. If you don’t want your account to set up automatically then select the option automatically setup account so that your account could be configured manually and then tap on continue.
  2. And if you want that your account should be configured automatically then leave the option selected and follow all the others instructions that are asked in order to move further.

account information

  • Now tap on sign in.
  • Fill all the settings that are required for incoming mail server. It depends on you what you want to use IMAP or POP3 settings.
  • Also, give the outgoing mail server information that is your SMTP settings.
  1. If asked then choose use authentication and fill in the username, e-mail and password.
  2. Also if it is asked then give the settings for outgoing mail security and then tap on continue.
  • Once you are done tap on Sign in /Create.

After the completion of whole process of Mac mail setup, the users can easily send and receives various emails by using their newly created account.

Important things to remember during Mac mail setup

Prior to the setting process of Mac mail you are suggested to:

  1. Wait till your domain name is generated properly.
  2. As well as create an email account in your hosting control panel.

So by following the above steps and keeping in mind the important things you can easily create and complete your Mac mail setup. After your Mac mail setup you can easily send any message OK and receive your emails through different people.

On the other hand you can also remove your account if you don’t find suitable or easy to use. And that is also an easy process. But before deleting or removing your Mac mail account make sure that all the data over there that is mails, photo contact have been saved at some other place. Because once you will delete or remove the Mac mail all the data will go and you may find difficulty in recovering it. So make sure to save your data before deleting or removing your Mac mail.

But if you still face any problem you should contact the help desk of Apple where the assistance available 24×7 will provide you easy solutions if you are facing any problem while your Mac mail setup. You can contact them through the customer care number or the customer care email address that has been provided on the official website.

What are the steps for Mac mail setup?

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