[Resolved] Why am I not receiving Emails on Gmail?

why i am not receiving emails in gmail

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There could be several reasons why am I not receiving emails on Gmail issues occur and here we will discuss about some of the reason that delay our mails.

Emails or mails are the most common way of communication through internet. Since email have been invented it is the most used way  of communication through internet. The e-mails are  similar to a letter but they are  written in the digital platform and send through it. Emails are usually used for official works like sending job letters and confirmation mails these days emails are being used by everyone.

Emails are said to be the fastest way of communication through one person to another but it is not the case always because sometimes we don’t receive the mail instantly which could lead to delay of information. It may be possible that the other person has sent the email but we didn’t received it.

Why I am Not Receiving Mails in Gmail

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Reasons for why am I not receiving emails on Gmail?

  • Bad internet connection-The most common reason for not receiving any mail could be your bad internet connection or your Gmail would be down . Due to your bad connection the Gmail could not receive the mails or can get access to the mail or  couldn’t load it. So you must have fast and strong internet connection for it to fix your why am I not receiving emails on Gmail issue.

Bad internet connection

  • Wrong address – It may be possible that the sender doesn’t have a correct email address of the receiver or he may be typing the email address wrong . So it is important that the receiver and the sender have there correct Email ID of each other for better convenience and better communication. And also if you have the wrong email address you may send the mail to some other party which would cause a problem if it contains some secretive or personal information.
  • Browser Problem: It could be possible that your browser is not able to load your Gmail and that’s why you couldn’t receive your mails so try to open your email on some other browsers and if open up it mean your previous browser had some problem.
  • Mistakenly Blocked the user  – It may be possible that you have mistakenly blocked the sender and you are not aware of it. The sender could not send you the mail because he can’t have access to your email address. So it is important to look whether you have allowed the particular  sender the permission to send you the mails and even if the user is blocked, you can unblock him/her anytime.

unblock the user in gmail

  • Time- We usually receive our mails within one minute but sometimes it may take a longer time for the mail to be received. Because sometimes the server of one of the user may be lacking or maybe there is some problem in the path of the email which could lead to this delay of mail. Wait for sometime and if you didn’t receive the mail after 24 hours also just  inform your sender.
  • Gmail storage- Sometime the storage of the Gmail exceeds its limit because of this the upcoming mails couldn’t enter in the mail box. So first check your Gmail storage and if it get full delete the unwanted mails from the inbox so that space could be made for the upcoming mails and why am I not receiving emails on Gmail issue can be resolved.
  • SPAM : Most of the mail service providing interface provides you with the spam filter which usually filters out those mails which he  find But sometimes few emails get caught in it so just check your spam folder regularly so that no important mail get stuck in it.

spam folder in gmail

  • Draft: It may be possible that  the sender saved the mail as draft and forgot to send it. And this could be the reason that you didn’t receive the mail. 
  • Blocked mail: Our email interface usually block or  keep aside the emails which contain some spam , this is one of the outlook settings which protect our emails from unwanted spam activities. So just keep on checking your junk folder to know if any mail got stuck there.

This could be some reasons because of which you are not able to receive your emails sometimes it may be possible that the file is too big or contains a lot of files or Microsoft files which will take some time for the Gmail to get full access. And sometimes if the mail  is being sent to a  lot of addresses it may be possible that you didn’t receive it.

If you still face why am I not receiving emails on Gmail problem you should call the technical team for the issue.

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