How to fix Yahoo mail contact list problems?

Yahoo mail contact list problems

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Yahoo mail has change its interface and because of which the user are facing some Yahoo mail contact list problems. Their could be many problem related to the contact list and here we will discuss some of them.

Yahoo is an American web service providing company. With the growing years, yahoo has expand its reach over the internet by it’s products. My Yahoo, Yahoo search, Yahoo mail,  Yahoo news, Yahoo sports, Yahoo finance etc. One of the  product of Yahoo is Yahoo Mail. Yahoo mail is an email service providing product which help the users to get access to their mails. Yahoo Mail provide the user several features.

One of the feature of  Yahoo Mail is contact list. Yahoo contact list is a list of email address that you sent email more often or the address where you send the mails. You can add, remove email  addresses in the list.

Yahoo mail contact list problems

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What are different Yahoo mail contact list problems?

  • Yahoo contact are disappearing : You will notice some time some of your Yahoo contacts are not visible or some of them has disappeared even though you can see them in your browsers account. This problem may have arise due to the filters that are present in the Yahoo Mail. These filters act as a shield to protect our emails are our  mail account from the email addresses that contains error messages, so the filter deletes or filters out those addresses which may have contain some fault messages. So make sure that you disable or switch off these filters so that this Yahoo mail contact list problems doesn’t occur.
  • Yahoo contact are not visible in the list : You entered a new mail address in your contact list but when you open your list you cannot find the address but when you search the address in the search option it shows the email address but it wasn’t available in the list. It is because we may have kept the order of the list in the form of surname . Most of the contact address don’t use surname in it and because of this the mail get confused and it leads  inability to assign the contact to the list. So always make sure to make a list in order of First name.

Yahoo contact are not visible in the list

  • Unable to edit contact : You may have noticed that you are not able to add more contacts in your contact list this could be due to various reasons .This problem can occur due to the browser you use make sure you use an updated version of a browser so that  he can support the Yahoo Mail as well as its content or go to the advance tab and uncheck Enhance protection mode. But the main problem is due to your browser only. So use a good and better version of the browser in order to resolve your Yahoo mail contact list problems.

edit yahoo contact

  • Restoring the contact : Sometimes the contact list can delete some of the contacts due to security reasons and some of them can be very important to you. You can restore the contacts easily go to the contact , click on action option then click on restore from backup  and select a date for restoring your contact list. If you want to restore individual contact go to the delete contact option in contact and start restoring the contact you want.

Restoring the contact

These are some Yahoo mail contact list problems. Make sure you follow correct steps because contact list is very important thing and losing it will lose our contact also which may affect our communication or work. Their could occur various problems during your work, make sure you handle them carefully without damaging much.

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